TAALK Tip #3

If you find that someone in your child's life appears on the National Sex Offender Registry, DO NOT let your child be alone with this person, not even for an instant. You should let them know that you're aware of the conviction and that your family, including your children, are trained in child sexual abuse prevention and that you're watching them.

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TAALK Tip #4

When hiring a babysitter, consider hiring a young girl instead of a boy. This will not eliminate the risk but it will minimize the risk because research has shown that 1) 94% of childhood sexual abuse is perpetrated by males, 2) Juvenile offenders are responsible for 48% of babysitter sex crimes known to police and 3) Males constitute 77% of the sex-offending babysitters reported to the police.

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TAALK Tip #2

When your child is invited to spend time or have a sleepover at a new friend's house, find out the names of all the adults who live in the house. Then take the time to look for each of them on the National Sex Offender's Registry http://www.nsopr.gov/.

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TAALK Tip #1

When your child needs a medical test done such as an X-ray, CT or MRI, insist on one of the following: 1) being in the room, 2) leaving the door open and being just outside the door or 3) if there is a viewing window, stay where you can clearly see your child. Don't allow the technician to tell you that you can't stay due to exposure. There's no reason why you can't stand with the technician.

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