Let's Journey Together

Discovering that your child has been sexually abused can literally snatch the air from your lungs and leave you in the fetal position gasping for your next breath as the tears fall profusely from your eyes. It is almost unfathomable that your child could have been violated in such a major way and you had no idea what was going on. The way you see the world changes forever; your perspective becomes filtered through the lenses of snatched innocence and an overwhelming sense of guilt. You question everything in your life including your parenting skills, your involvement in your child's life, and the people to whom you've granted access to your child.

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TAALK Tip #3

If you find that someone in your child's life appears on the National Sex Offender Registry, DO NOT let your child be alone with this person, not even for an instant. You should let them know that you're aware of the conviction and that your family, including your children, are trained in child sexual abuse prevention and that you're watching them.

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TAALK Tip #4

When hiring a babysitter, consider hiring a young girl instead of a boy. This will not eliminate the risk but it will minimize the risk because research has shown that 1) 94% of childhood sexual abuse is perpetrated by males, 2) Juvenile offenders are responsible for 48% of babysitter sex crimes known to police and 3) Males constitute 77% of the sex-offending babysitters reported to the police.

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