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Abuse in Youth-Serving Organization (YSOs) No topics

When parents send their kids to YSOs within their community, they have a reasonable expectation that they will be safe. But statistics indicate there is a notable risk. One study found that nearly 10% of students surveyed said they were sexually abused on a school campus and this statistic doesn't include sexual abuse that happens in other types of YSOs. Also, experts estimate that less than 3% of sexual predators will be detected on a criminal background check. So even if the leaders of a YSO follow the legal requirements for applicant screening, there is still a chance they could inadvertently hire an offender.

Parents of children who are abused in YSOs will not only need to support their children through their healing process and participate in potential criminal proceedings, they may also feel it's necessary to pursue civil litigation against the YSO if they believe the organization was negligent in their responsibility to protect or report. This forum category was created to allow parents in this situation to connect and support each other as they traverse the additional complexities of child sexual abuse in youth-serving organizations.
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