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Parents of Adult Victims and Survivors No topics

When our sexually abused children become adults, they are in charge. They are in charge of their healing, they are in charge of their relationships, and they are in charge of deciding whether to pursue criminal or civil action against their offender if it wasn't taken when they were minors. It may be difficult for some parents to relinquish control because they just want to fix it, but although it may not feel good, your child taking control is a good thing. If there's one thing most survivors can agree on, it's that one of the biggest milestones in healing is when they took back their control and power of choice that was stolen by their perpetrators. But it's not easy for parents, especially if one of their choices is to sever their relationship with you. This forum category is for parents to learn about their adult survivor's needs, talk about how to meet them right where they're at, and support them in their healing journey even when it doesn't include you.
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