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Whether we realize it or not we're changing every day. The question is, "Are we changing for the better?"
It's so easy as survivors to let our past control our lives and therefore dictate our future. Making positive change daily may be easier than you think. It's a matter of having a desire to be whole, following a plan that creates positive change one day at a time and taking the time to celebrate success.
For survivors, the process of regularly and actively assessing behaviors comes in the form of daily intentional journaling. Some survivors are fearful of journaling because they think that the process is about remembering and writing about their abusive past. That would scare me too!  While we can't guarantee that you won't remember parts of your past, know that the focus of intentional journaling is on the present and the future. The good news is, there is an endless reservoir of books, classes, tools, techniques and modalities for healing. The bad news is, it's difficult to know which will work for you. The process of intentional journaling will naturally reveal YOUR next steps on your unique healing journey.
  • Intentional journaling will take you through a series of checkpoints each day helping you to consciously observe your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and how your surroundings affect them.
  • Intentional journaling provides you with direct feedback on how your new access limits and boundaries are serving you and how they may need to be adjusted.
  • Intentional journaling allows you to see where lies from your past are controlling your present, pinpointing where you need to speak truth back into your life.
  • Intentional journaling shines a light on areas where you feel stuck, victimized or powerless and helps you identify multiple choices you can make.
  • Intentional journaling provides you with a personalized prescription for healing that will lead you to the specific resources that will support YOU in becoming truly whole.
  • Intentional journaling documents your progress making it impossible to overlook or minimize your success which in turn gives you hope and fortitude to continue to heal.
In the process, you will see the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control in your life increase while the anger, bitterness, resentment, hatred, fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, sadness, depression and despair begin to melt away. We so look forward to being a part of your journey!