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India's huge population, vast demographic differences and socio cultural complexities present challenges to addressing child sexual abuse. Get an insight and be inspired by four professionals from varied backgrounds who are breaking off chunks from the rock of denial, diffidence, ignorance and paranoia which epitomize the context.

Diane Cranley Interviews:

Vidya Reddy -With an undergraduate in Psychology and Masters in Education, Vidya Reddy has worked in varied settings. In 2004 she co-founded Tulir which in Tamil means the first leaves of a plant and also leaves after a period of adversity, metaphors for Tulirs beliefs in addressing child sexual abuse. The organization creates awareness through social marketing and advocacy activities, while development of resource materials for a variety of stakeholders is a constant endeavor. Tulir promotes Personal Safety Education - a direct prevention initiative with children which includes online safety. Providing psycho social and legal intervention services, capacity building, undertaking research & documentation, active participation in policy formulation and networking broadly describe the other areas of activity.

Archana Dange - The underpinning of Archana's work is to give children the space of a safe and secure environment to grow, play and discover at their own pace,. She manages to do this by wearing many hats - As Master franchisee for a pre-school chain which involves coordinating the activities of 40 schools across the state, training teachers to implement curriculum, and quality monitoring to ensure that the standards specified are being delivered in each of the schools. In addition she manages the Helen O Grady Drama Academy which works with children through schools to help build better language, communication skills and ensure self esteem and confidence in children. She also writes books for children, largely on environmental issues.

Trupti Chengalath Sreedharan - Trupti Chengalath Sreedharan creates communications for campaigns and oversees projects that builds the capacity of voluntary organisations to use technology and communications in their work. She is currently managing an awareness campaign that she has developped - We are Children ( - that tells the story of the prevalence and the impact of sexual abuse in childhood on children and the community at large.

Nancy Thomas -Nancy Thomas a co founder of Tulir - Centre for the Prevention Healing of Child Sexual Abuse at Chennai, India has a Masters in Social Work. Besides being involved in Tulir's various programs to address child sexual abuse, she is especially interested in working with appropriate response systems across various sectors and levels in the criminal justice system. This is grounded in her belief that an efficacious response will help build confidence in children and their families to report abuse, besides helping in the healing process.