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In this segment you'll be deeply inspired by the actions of a "bystander" willing to step up and be the voice for an innocent child. You'll also learn how this bystander took her call to protect a single child and married with her extensive experience in TV and film to create a documentary that shares the real life stories of survivors healing.

Diane Cranley Interviews:

Tracey Quezada - Tracey has over eight years of professional experience in video, film, television, multimedia marketing and the non-profit sector. As an independent video producer, Tracey has produced and directed promotional videos including her weekly television series. Recent clients include the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Community Bridge Video, Patch and Global Fund for Women. Tracey is currently producing You and Me and the Fruit Trees, a documentary film that shares compelling stories of survivors of child sexual abuse, broadens our response beyond the criminal justice system, and show's how society's inability to effectively address child sexual abuse impacts not only individuals, but whole communities and society at large.