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When the fight or flight reactions occur massively or continuously the normal balancing responses may be unable to end the continuous adrenaline rushes or life saving actions interfering with perception, cognition, and emotions appropriate in a secure environment. We'll hear from two experts in the field of trauma and learn how to end the overwhelming upset associated with past traumatic stress events in moments and bring yourself back to the here and now where you are safe to operate with a calm mind and relaxed body.

Diane Cranley Interviews: 

Ronald R. Ringo, Jr., PhD, LSW, CTS, MAC, CST, TFTdx. - Ron is a native of Southern California. He holds numerous degrees and a Doctorate of Philosophy, in Counseling, from LaSalle University. He is a Licensed Social Worker since 1991, and has national certifications, as a Master Additions Counselor (MAC), Certified Clinical Criminal Justice Specialist (CCCJS), and is an internationally Certified Trauma Specialist (CTS). He also holds several certifications in healing therapy modalities, such as; Cranial Sacral and Thought Field Therapies. Ron has served with Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard units throughout the world. He designed the Marine Corps' "Warrior Transition Program" which he has been featured on CNN's "Newsnight" program and in many related Newspaper articles and news shows around the country. He writes a weekly column on life issues syndicated in several newspapers entitled "Chappy's On Eagles' Wings.'

Robert Bray - Bob has a successful psychotherapy practice in San Diego where he sees clients and offers periodic workshops based on his book, Heal Traumatic Stress NOW-Complete Recovery with Thought Field Therapy, No Open Wounds. Bob is also an adjunct faculty member at San Diego State University, School of Social Work, where he may teach one or two classes per semester. Over the years Bob has been an avid volunteer with many community service organizations, both locally and nationally. Currently he is a volunteer with The American Red Cross, San Diego Chapter - Disaster Mental Health Specialist Team CA-3, and has been deployed to disaster sites such as Hurricane Katrina to assist relief efforts and provide counseling for those in need, in times of crisis.