Gain an understanding of the proven connection between childhood trauma and health issues including brain development and addictive illness disorders.

Diane Cranley Interviews:

Robert E. Longo, MRC, LPC, NCC, BCIA-EEG - Robert E. Longo is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a National Certified Counselor. He also holds a Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling and is Board Certified in Neurofeedback. Robert is in private practice specializing in QEEG Brain Mapping, Biofeedback, and Neurofeedback, and he serves as a consultant, educator, trainer, and author dedicated to working with youth and sexual abuse prevention and treatment. He was previously Director of Clinical Training/Stress Reduction Clinic & Biofeedback Lab, and Clinical Director (2005-2008); Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Services, a psychiatric hospital, in Winston-Salem, NC, and Corporate Director of Special Programming and Clinical Training for New Hope Treatment Centers, Charleston, South Carolina. He is co-founder and first President of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers.

Martha Tumblin, MEd, LISW-CP - Martha Tumblin is a Psychotherapist, Consultant, and Authorized Stewards of Children Instructor Certifier, Ms. Tumblin's professional interests include community education and intervention initiatives regarding prevention of child sexual abuse, addictive illness disorders, and healing for individuals & families. She also facilitates professional development trainings for health care professionals.