Advocacy After Abuse - A Key Element of Healing

Survivors are uniquely qualified to teach us how abuse happens and how to prevent it. Even more important, those who have had the courage to cross the bridge from victim to a place of peace can inspire and guide others to do the same. We will have the opportunity in this hour to experience the encouragement and wisdom of two such survivors as they share their stories of abuse and how they're advocacy work is making a difference.

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Offenders Looking for the Vulnerable - A Swedish Perspective

There are many things that make a child vulnerable to sexual abuse and we'll look at two scenarios that we can all learn from. First, we'll explore a coach-athlete relationship and how one pedophile used his position of power to his advantage. We'll also explore how some pedophiles travel to other countries where kids are more vulnerable. We'll discuss how in both cases, we can spot offenders' activities and protect kids.

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Invisible in Plain Sight

The child sexual abuse statistics in the Philippines are similar to that of other countries, impacting 18% of their children with 50% of those children abused by family members. Since 1997, the Child Protection Network as successfully created a network of child protection specialists and opened 40 child protection units across the country that provide a child friendly environment using a multidisciplinary approach and networking to delivery medical, psychological, social, and legal services to abused children and their families. Join us as we learn about this successful and highly effective model.

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Bravehearts of Australia

Learn how one non-profit in Australia is significantly impacting the child sexual abuse epidemic through their creative and highly visable public awareness campaign and how they have partnered with their local police to encourage disclosures from adult survivors which help the police spot trends of perpetrators that can be used in current case investigations.

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