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This 1-hour on-line training class will show you how direct and indirect survivors of child sexual abuse can use their stories to provide crucial sensitivity training to professionals including therapists, social workers, law enforcement, attorneys, judges, etc. More often than not, professionals who become part of the system that handles the aftermath of child sexual abuse go directly from text book learning to live cases and never have a chance to simply talk with those who have been impacted.

If you're a survivor or non-offending parent, you'll learn how to participate on a Survivor Panel where you'll tell your story and then allow your audience to ask questions they've never had permission to ask before. You'll model for them what it looks like to talk comfortably about child sexual abuse and how it's impacted your life. We'll give you guidelines for telling your story and provide you with recorded Survivor Panels to show you how it's done. If you're not a survivor or non-offending parent, it's still important for you to learn about Survivor Panels and their value so you can recruit others to step up to this part of your community initiative. 

* All references to TAALK Chapters are no longer in affect. We are offering the training as a valuable resource for people who want to become independent advocates in their community.